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What To Do in Hawaii?

Everyone that visits the Hawaii has an idea in mind of what they would like to do when they arrive, but actually putting those plans into place sometimes becomes tough. With multiple individuals in a travel party, and so many different things to do, conflict tends to arise, and finding torus and activities that satisfies everyone’s desires becomes difficult.

So, what is there to do in Hawaii that will make everyone happy?

We believe that we have the perfect solution; a fun activity that offers thrills and adventure while putting you up close to the most feared predator in the deep, and providing one of the top things to do in Hawaii.

The Captain and Crew are experts in Hawaii marine life and take you out to a prime spot for diving with sharks, located just a few miles off the North Shore of Oahu. Fear not, a state of the art shark cage is found in the middle of the ocean, strategically placed to take advantage of the sharks that follow the fishing boats in. There are a few different species of sharks that are often encountered, including reef sharks and sandbar sharks, both common to the Hawaiian Islands.

Sharks of all sizes are often spotted, and circle the cage with curiosity. There is nothing more exciting that staring into the eyes of a shark, with rows of teeth close enough to touch. These predators are fearsome, but this tour is perfectly safe and there is no risk within the cage. The state of the art shark cage provides all the safety that you need to peer back at the sharks, allowing you to really enjoy your time in the water.

Check this incredible tour off of your “What To Do in Hawaii” checklist, and go back home with bragging rights that will give you the best story and experiences from your time in Hawaii. Your friends and family will be in awe that you stared into the eyes of a shark and were just inches away from the most feared predator in the ocean.

Don’t miss out on this incredible experience and a tour that you will never forget!

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