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Hawaii Shark Encounters

North Shore Shark Adventures and Hawaii Shark Encounters offer an unusual Hawaii activity. They both offer Hawaii Shark Tours.

Enjoy one of our Hawaii Shark Encounters and Hawaii Shark Tours with Hawaii Shark Tour. We offer both of the Shark Encounters in Oahu which include North Shore Shark Adventures and Hawaii Shark Encounters. Both of these companies are excellent companies to choose from when deciding on your Shark Encounters in Oahu.  Hawaii Shark Encounters are exciting fun for anyone.

Our guests have included non-swimmers who had never been in the ocean to National Geographic photographers. The youngest person in the shark cage 3-years old and the oldest over 70. Even Oprah enjoyed one of the Hawaii Shark Tours.

There are 2 companies that offer Swimming with the Sharks.  They are North Shore Shark Encounters and Hawaii Shark Encounters, both located in Haleiwa Harbor, Oahu.  These are the only two Hawaii Shark Tours.

See a Hawaii Shark Tour

This is actual video of the sharks from the cage during one of our recent Hawaii Shark encounters. You can't truly appreciate the power, the grace, or the beauty of these magnificent creatures until you see then in their natural environment.

Some common question about Hawaii Shark Tours:

Do I need to have snorkeled before?  No, all you need to be able to do is walk down a short ladder.

How long is one of the North Shore Shark Adventures? One of the Shark Encounters in Oahu lasts around 2 ½ hours.

What do I need to bring on this Hawaii activity?  Bring a towel and suncreen to our Hawaii Shark Tours. That is all you need.

Is the water deep on this Hawaii tour? The water is around 500 feet deep.

Is the water cold on one of your Hawaii Shark Tours or Shark Encounters in Oahu? The water temperature is about the same as the beach.

Why so early in the day? The weather on one of our Hawaii Shark Encounters in nicer in the morning. The wind builds throughout the day so the morning is the best.

Will the sharks attack the cage? No. The sharks on these Hawaii Shark Encounters will come very close to the cage but that is all.

Why do the sharks show up on the Shark Encounters in Oahu? We go to the same place and they have gotten used to the boats.

Do I need to make a reservation? Yes, you can make a reservation online or call us at 866 482 9775 for all the Hawaii activities and Hawaii tours offered in Hawaii.

is your cancellation policy? 48 hrs.

What if we do not see any sharks? Then you do not pay.

Is there anything else to do for anyone in my party not going on the boat? The harbor is surrounded by great beaches and great shops within walking distance in Haleiwa town.

The Boat you will be on for one of your North Shore Shark adventures will be a 32 foot Radon which is powered by twin diesel engines. These boats carry the largest shark cages in the world.

The largest cages in the world can not sink. Floats surround the cage on all sides. It is not closed at the top. The cage is pulled right next to the boat and just jump in for one of the exciting Hawaii Shark Encounters. There are handrails to hold on to while in the cage also. This cage allows you to get an unobstructed view of the sharks on all the Shark Encounters in Oahu.

Both North Shore Shark Adventures and Hawaii Shark Encounters have excellent Hawaii Shark Tours and the only Shark Encounters in Oahu. Reserve your spot on one of the Hawaii Shark Tours in Oahu. Be sure to check out our sites that offer lei greetings and other Oahu tours.

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