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Swimming with Sharks in Hawaii: Two Options for Conquering Your Fears

We all have fears, that is just human nature. Some of us are terrified of heights while others are afraid of the dark, or have a fear of flying A common fear is the fear of the ocean, and though it isn’t necessarily the water that provides the scary stuff, it sometimes takes quite a lot of courage to conquer our fears. While visiting Hawaii, there are two options for potentially conquering a fear of the ocean and the things that dwell in it, and each option puts you face to face with the scariest thing in the ocean: sharks!

While swimming with sharks might not be at the top of your to do list, we think that we can convince you to move it up just a bit. Even if you aren't afraid of the ocean or have a fear of sharks, this is a fun adventure to take, and once you have completed the adventure, you will feel like you can accomplish anything.

The first option for swimming with sharks is one of the most daring adventures you may ever take part in. Departing from the famed Haleiwa Harbor on Oahu’s North Shore, you’ll head out approximately 3 miles to sea where a state of the art, custom-built shark cage waits. Once you arrive to the dive spot, it’s time to jump right in. The captain and crew of the North Shore Shark Cage Adventure provide a much needed safety briefing to get you ready, and while you’re standing on the deck of the boat, go ahead and take a peek over the side. You’ll see the sharks swimming nearby, which is enough to make your heart race, and might be enough to keep you out of the water. But, we encourage you to get into the cage and come face to face with the sharks. These incredible creatures circle the cage, coming just inches away, though the cage keeps them out and keeps you safe.

After your time in the water, you will have a whole new appreciation and respect for sharks, and after learning about their importance and their vital role in the health of the ocean, they may not be quite so intimidating anymore.

The other option for swimming with sharks is to join them in captivity on Oahu. Head to Sea Life Park, a conservation park on Oahu’s South Shore and enter a shark tank that was constructed specifically to house smaller shark species and rehabilitate their injuries. Sea Life Park is all about research and understanding the ocean, and by understanding sharks; we gain knowledge about the ocean as a whole. You may not come as close to sharks as you do on during a dive in the ocean, but you will still come close and be able to witness them as they swim around a giant tank.  This is great option for those who experience seasickness or just do not feel comfortable entering the ocean.  

The feeling of being close to sharks is indescribable and whether you choose to join them in a tank at Sea Life Park or dive with them in their natural habitat, you will come away from the experience having faced one of the most terrifying creatures in the world. Sharks are highly misunderstood, but you can witness their grace and agility, plus have close up view of what makes them so scary during your visit to Oahu.

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