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Spend a Day on Oahu’s Fabled North Shore

Long ago, visitors to Oahu would be welcomed by the gentle swaying of palm trees, warm weather, and the easy going way of life that the islands of Hawaii had become famous for. Though the island has changed a bit from those days, with the boom of Honolulu and the increased population, there are parts of the island that have withstood the change and kept that classic Hawaiian charm. One of those places is the fabled North Shore, where the beaches are pristine and the sites are incredible.

Any trip to Oahu will include a visit to the North Shore, and spending a day along the coast might be the best day of your vacation. There is so much to do, and so many great things to see and experience, that the North Shore will become your favorite part of the island, and show you the way of life that Hawaii became known for over the years.

A day on Oahu’s North Shore will be different or everyone but you can almost guarantee that it will include the beaches, great food, and fun activities. Here is our day on the North Shore!

Kick off the day with an early morning activity that provides fun, adventure, and some heart racing thrills. North Shore Shark Cage Tours is one of the top things to do on the island, and after you take part, you’ll see why. This adventure takes you out about 3 miles from Haleiwa Harbor and puts you into a state of the art shark cage, where you’ll be in the ocean with sharks! You won’t believe your eyes when you see these sharks and will love the adventure to kick off your day.

Following your dive with sharks, you’re going to be hungry. Haleiwa features great choices for breakfast, including Acai Bowls or locally owned dining using fresh local ingredients. Ask the crew of the boat what they recommend and you will not be disappointed.

A full-day on the North Shore is going to go fast, but it’ll be fun. Now that you’ve had something to eat, head for the beach for some relaxing. Waimea Bay is the top beach to visit, and with a small parking lot, is the most convenient. Located just east of Haleiwa, getting here is easy and the beauty of Waimea is unmatched.

After a few hours on the beach, you’ll likely be ready for lunch and the place to go for a mid-day meal are the food trucks along the North Shore. Haleiwa features a number of incredible options, and there are many others located all along Kamehameha Highway. Giovanni’s is very well known, and you will not be disappointed.

The North Shore harkens back to the days when Oahu was less developed and had that classic feel and easygoing way of life. You will love the North Shore and will want to spend as much time here as you can. Create your own day and take advantage of everything the North Shore has to offer. And don't’ forget to stick around for the incredible sunset.

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