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What You Need to Know About Sharks in Hawaii

If you’ve ever seen a shark up close, you know how intimidating they are. Really, if you’ve seen a picture of a shark, or watched Shark Week, you know how intimidating they are. Mostly, sharks are very misunderstood, and researchers agree that while there is much that we know, there is much more that we do not know. Their migratory patterns are difficult and their behaviors are unpredictable, but they are vital to the oceans, and the more that we know about them, the more we understand their importance to the ocean’s food chain. Before you head out for swimming with sharks, here are the things that you need to know about sharks in Hawaii.

Species of Sharks
There are more than 350 species of sharks in the ocean, and 40 species in Hawaii

Species of Sharks in Hawaii
The most common sharks in Hawaii are the white tipped reef shark, sandbar shark, scalloped hammerhead, and the tiger shark, though that one is less common.

Which is the most aggressive?
Easy, the tiger shark. Though the Galapagos Shark is quite aggressive.

Speaking of Tiger Sharks
Be careful near the mouths of streams following a storm. Tiger sharks are drawn to these areas in search of food.

When is Shark Season?
Unlike the Humpback Whales who come to the islands in the winter, sharks are here year round, though the most sightings occur between October and December.

Sharks in Hawaii
The relationship between Hawaii and sharks dates back to the earliest days of Hawaii. Hawaiians respected sharks and worshipped them, going so far as to tattoo sharks on their bodies.

Spotting Sharks
Though a shark is not something that you’ll seek out unless you’re on a Hawaii Shark Cage Adventure, you might spot them in the water. Hammerheads like shallow bays, and Pearl Harbor and Kaneohe Bay are well known Hammerhead Shark breeding and feeding areas.

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