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Swimming with Sharks in Hawaii: Scary or Not?

Think about the most terrifying experience possible…what is it? Is it jumping out of a plane, or maybe going by yourself into a haunted house? Perhaps we’re talking about standing on the edge of a cliff and facing your fear of heights. It could also be swimming with sharks in the middle of the ocean. If that is your biggest fear, it is time to face it and swim with sharks during your trip to Hawaii.

The rush of adrenaline that comes over you, and the excitement and worry are completely normal. Just the site of a shark is intimidating, and the intimidation doesn’t go away when you are in the water with them. In fact, you may be riding such a high that it makes you feel like you’re in a dream. Swimming with sharks is fun, and is definitely an adventure.

Sure, some will consider this activity and then decide that it is just a bit too daring, but if you decide to face the most feared predator in the ocean, you will come away with an incredible story to tell, and have a brand new appreciation for this dangerous ocean dweller. But, is this adventure scare or not? Really, that is for you to decide.

At first glance, the answer is likely “yes”. However, once you are out in the ocean, and actually get in the water, you might quickly change your mind. The reality is simple: there are sharks in the ocean, and during a Shark Cage Adventure in Hawaii, you will swim with them, protected by only a shark cage. These sharks are close enough to touch, though doing so is a big no no. The state of the art shark cage provides all the protection that you need from these incredible creatures, and depending on the day, you will be just a few inches from a variety of shark species. Typical visitors to the shark cage are smaller reef sharks, though bigger sharks like the black tipped reef shark are known to make an appearance.  

Here is what you need to know: the sharks that we encounter are generally not interested in people. Yes, they swim very closely to the shark cage, but due to their size and diet, they are not the types that attack. They are simply swimming around, following in the fishing boats that are heading back to the North Shore of Oahu. Once you are inside the shark cage, you are safe and secure, and there is no chance of a shark getting to you.

This adventure has been one of the most popular activities on Oahu’s North Shore for many years, and there has never been a bite or injury. The site of a shark will make your heart race and the chance to face your fears should not be missed. Swimming with sharks doesn’t come along every day and once you have been in the ocean with these incredible creatures, your fears will be left in the shark cage.

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