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Oahu Ocean Activities

It is easy to see why the Hawaiian Islands are so well known for the ocean and the many activities that take place offshore. Surfers flock to local breaks to ride the waves, divers spend hours at the bottom of the ocean or on colorful reefs exploring, and sailors spend hours to days sailing around the islands and even in between islands. All of these ocean activities add to the uniqueness of the islands, and provide hours of entertainment.

Along with Scuba Diving, snorkeling is a very popular activity in Hawaii, and snorkelers can choose from a number of amazing sites on every island. All you really need is a mask and snorkel and exploring hidden coves and reefs is a breeze.

One of the most popular Oahu ocean activities is heading out off of the North Shore to dive with sharks. Found in their natural habitat, a variety of shark species can be viewed from the safety of a state of the art shark cage, mere inches from divers hoping to catch a glimpse of the most feared creature in the ocean.

Gazing into the eyes of a feared predator is exhilarating, and there are very few opportunities to enjoy an activity of this magnitude. The thrill of seeing a shark up close is incredible and only in a tropical setting like Hawaii is this possible.

Because of the high visibility of the crystal clear Hawaiian waters is Scuba diving and snorkeling possible. The beauty of the underwater world is easily viewed and the features found beneath the surface of the ocean are mesmerizing. Veteran divers come from all over the world to take part in these activities, and make frequent trips to Hawaii to explore and discover the dramatic landscapes of Hawaii.

Oahu has long been a favorite for fun ocean activities, and with guided explorations like Shark Cage Diving, it is easy to see why. The great thing about this experience is that it is available to anyone, and all equipment is provided. Even if you decide that entering the water is not for you, seeing sharks from the boat is a thrill you will never forget!

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