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North Shore Oahu Things to Do

Oahu’s North Shore is an amazing stretch of island that is a true treasure of Hawaii. Famous for its surf beaches and natural beauty, visitors and locals love spending time on this stretch of the island. Whether it’s just lounging on one of the beaches, taking in a season surf competition, or enjoying the local food trucks that serve up delicious plate lunches, there really is no bad way to spend at day in the country. There are also many fun things to do on the North Shore, and even if you’re spending just one day of your trip to Oahu here, you can easily create a day that you will not forget.

The North Shore stretches from Haleiwa to Kahuku, the scenery creating one of the most scenic stretches in Hawaii. As soon as you start the descent into Haleiwa, you’re met with one of the most beautiful places you may ever see. The green countryside and the deep blue ocean are the perfect complement to each other, and you will be taken back by the natural beauty.

Once you’ve enjoyed the stunning beauty, you’ll be ready for fun activities. The North Shore offers plenty of options all along the coast, and each offers a completely different experience. Of everything you can do in Hawaii, surfing is the most authentic activity there is, a sport that was invented in the islands, and you can learn to ride the same breaks that the legends have ridden for years. Surf lessons are always available at multiple sites including Haleiwa and the Turtle Bay Resort. With instruction from a local expert, you will be standing and riding the waves in no time.  

The North Shore is also the place for adventure in Hawaii and those that are a little more daring can head out to the middle of the ocean and jump into the ocean with sharks, coming inches from sharks in their natural habitat. There are many shark species that live around the islands, keeping the ocean healthy and creating the most complex ecosystem imaginable. You’ll come face to face with these mysterious creatures and be amazed at their size and grace.

Thrill seekers also love to skydive on the North Shore, and with Oahu to look at on the way down, who can blame them. Fly up to 10,000 feet and propel yourself from the place, heading into a free fall with sites like Kaena Point, Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay, and the interior of the island visible during your glide down. Even if you’ve never skydived before, you will have an experienced diver with you during the entire jump.

The North Shore is an incredible part of Oahu, and finding fun things to do is easy, affordable, and can either be carefree or very daring. Whatever you choose, get ready for fun and a day you will not forget while visiting Oahu.

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