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Hawaiian Shark Species

The waters that surround the Hawaiian Islands are teeming with marine life, and everything from the tiniest fish to the massive whales that migrate here each year play a vital role in the fragile ecosystem of the ocean. One of the most important creatures that inhabit the ocean is the shark, and the different species of shark each play their own role in the health of the ocean.

While in Hawaii, diving with sharks is a thrilling activity, and coming face to face with the incredible creatures is something that you cannot miss. There are a number of different species of sharks that make their homes around Hawaii, and spotting any of these sharks is possible from the state of the art shark cage that provides you the chance come within inches of them.

Jump in and have the chance to view any of the species of sharks in Hawiaii, including:

White Tipped Reef Shark – found closer to ocean floor and on reefs, this shark is not typically aggressive towards humans, and measures 5-6 feet when fully grown.

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark – the most hammerhead shark, the Scalloped Hammerhead has been known to make an appearance during a Shark Cage Tour. Spending their days close to shore, they head out to deeper waters at night to hunt.

Galapagos Shark – a frequent visitor during a Shark Cage Tour, the Galapagos is the shark that is commonly seen in pictures of sharks, and is often seen from boats sailing around the island. The Galapagos can reach more than 10 feet in length and is considered to be an aggressive shark.

Tiger Shark – one of the most feared sharks in the ocean, the Tiger Shark has a long history of shark attacks, and aside from the Great White, is the most feared shark on the ocean. Not commonly seen on a Shark Cage Tour, the Tiger Shark has cleared its far share of beaches.

Gray Reef Shark – a smaller shark, the Gray Reef Shark is known to be a fast swimmer and is very agile. Growing to around 6 feet long, this shark is found in shallow waters, and around reefs.

Sandbar Shark – a larger coastal shark, the Sandbar Shark sticks close to bays, sandbars, and harbors. Coming in between 8-10 feet in length, we’ve seen our fair shark of them while diving out at sea.

Keep your eyes open for the different species of sharks out at sea, and beneath the surface. It is always a thrill to see these incredible creatures and the thrill a minute Shark Cage Tour will be one of the top activities during your trip.
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