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Hawaii Ocean Activities

Easily the most attractive thing to do in Hawaii is to spend time in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. The beauty of the ocean is breathtaking, and there are so many great activities to enjoy that take place in the water. Not only is relaxing on the beach with the water in near site a great experience, the ocean activities that are available will help to make your trip to the islands the best that it can be.

One of the top Hawaii ocean activities is a well-regarded experience that is quickly becoming one of the top options in all of Hawaii. Did you know that you can actually swim with sharks on Oahu’s North Shore? This chance does not come along often, and entering the water in their natural habitat is something that you will be talking about for a long time.

Knowing a little about this tour will help you to make the choice on taking par tin this great activity, so let’s explore what makes this tour so great. Depart from the Haleiwa Harbor and head out about 3 miles from the shore. As you get farther out, the island becomes a distant memory, and you’ll soon be out in the open ocean, where the water is more violent and the ocean floor gets deeper and deeper. The expert crew on board will give you a briefing, with what to do and what not to do for your adventure, and help to everyone on board understand the importance of sharks in the ocean.

 As you approach the destination, you may start to see them from the boat, the sleek grey body swimming just beneath the surface. A state of the art shark cage offers protection from the sharks, and allows you to get a close up view of a variety of shark species, all known to frequent Hawaii’s waters and often spotted by fishing boats and surfers.

Following the scent and droppings from fishing boats, the sharks follow them back to harbor, looking for an easy meal and often staying in the area for hours, in the hopes of finding their next meal. This tour does not chum the water, and there is also no harm to the sharks at all. They are just as curious about us, as we are about them, and seeing them through the shark cage will make your heart race.

There is no better chance to swim with sharks and this unique opportunity does not present itself everyday, so be sure to consider this as one of your fun Hawaii ocean activities during your trip. The thrills and adventure are second to none, and we are sure that you will love this adventure!

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