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Hawaii News: Great White Sharks in Hawaii

As your trip to Hawaii approaches, are you paying attention to current events in Hawaii and the weather? We’re all guilty of it when planning a vacation: we want to be prepared for our destination so we start following the current events that are taking place so that we have a bit more familiarity. If you have been following the current events of Hawaii, then you have probably seen that the islands have experienced an increase in Great White Shark sightings.

Most of the time, Hawaii’s news centers around current events throughout the islands, the weather, and breaking news about some of the most popular destinations in Hawaii. If there is a closure at a place like Pearl Harbor, it is big news; and if there is a big surf swell hitting the islands, there is a need to get the word out. When events like Great White Shark sightings happen, there is a general concern for the islands as this can dictate the activity at the beaches around the islands and the ability for surfers to hit the water.

Really, a great white shark sighting is a precaution, and the recent sightings have all been away from the shore. Encounters have come with local kayakers and researchers, an uncommon occurrence that has caused quite a bit of intrigue. In the case of the researchers, they knew exactly how to handle the shark and exercised precautions so that there was no encounter.

On most days, the only encounter with sharks comes on a Hawaii Shark Cage Adventure, where visitors come face to face with a variety of shark species. Usually these are small reef sharks, though if there are great whites swimming around the islands, it does increase the possibility that one might be spotted from a shark cage. This even is very, very rare, and seeing a shark is still quite the experience, but if you do have the chance to go out on a shark cage adventure, you will want to keep your eyes peeled for a great white.

Anytime you get to see a shark, it is going to cause your heart to skip a beat. Just the site of one of these extraordinary creatures is an experience in itself, and a Shark Cage Adventure is the only way to see sharks in their natural habitat. And if you are on the beach, please exercise caution and stay aware of your surroundings. Especially with the presence of great white sharks.

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