hawaii shark tours

Hawaii Shark Tours: A Thrill a Minute

There are quite a few ways to get a rush and experience instantaneous thrills during a visit to Hawaii. Skydiving is one option, and parasailing is another. Both offer the heart pounding thrills that adventure seekers are looking for, and are just plain fun. However, one of the most thrilling, most incredible things to do in Hawaii is swim with sharks, an incredible experience that you cannot miss.

Heading out about 3 miles from the North Shore of Oahu, the island grows distant as the boat heads out to sea. Getting a view of the entire North Shore is enough to make your day, but you will want to keep going and see what is waiting for you out at sea. The day is just getting started, and there is the experience of a lifetime waiting beneath the surface of the ocean.

Arriving to the destination, sharks become visible from the boat, and the heart pounding thrills begin. The ocean is their home, and you are set to jump into a state of the art shark cage in the middle of the ocean, and stare into their faces, glaring into their eyes, and having an up close view of their feared teeth. These are wild sharks, and just the site of them is enough to make anyone jump out of the water. But with the protective cage, you are completely safe, and have nothing to worry about.

The sharks that are seen most often are moderately sized reef sharks, found here because they follow in the fishing boats that are heading back to Haleiwa Harbor. As thrilling as the adventure is, there is no risk to you or the sharks. The cage keeps both parties safe, and this great activity helps to provide a great option for visitors to the island, showing off the incredible beauty of the sharks that inhabit the Hawaiian Islands. Sharks have long been a sacred creature, and preserving their habitat and population is a very important effort in Hawaii.

Head out to sea for a heart pounding adventure that is a great options for anyone. Your heart will start to pound as soon as you leave the dock, and once you lay your eyes on a shark, you’ll be in for the thrill of a lifetime.

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