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Oahu Ocean Activities

At this point in your Hawaii vacation planning, you are likely to the stage where you have booked your flights and hotels, and are ready to start planning your fun. This is the best part of the planning process and usually the part where the excitement and anticipation become almost too much to handle. Discovering all that there is to do in Hawaii and making the decisions for what you are going to do on your vacation makes it very real, and in no time at all, you will be right here in Hawaii enjoying paradise. Here are a few Oahu ocean activities to help with your vacation planning.

Oahu Ocean Activities
Hawaii Snorkeling Adventures
Snorkeling is one of the very best activities in Hawaii, and with sites like Oahu’s Hanamua Bay, it is easy to understand why. Colorful fish, Hawaii green sea turtles, and dramatic ocean formations are all found while you’re on a Hawaii snorkeling adventure, sure to be one of the top activities you enjoy during your visit.

Scuba Diving
Requiring a bit more skill than snorkeling, scuba diving in Hawaii is among the best in the world, with a variety of dive sites found throughout the islands. Oahu’s scuba dive sites include Hanauma Bay, and sites surrounding the island like shipwrecks, downed planes, and remote sites that are found off of the north and south shores.

Deep Sea Fishing
Head out to the wide-open ocean in search of the day’s catch and fall in love with a different side of Hawaii. While you’re out at sea, the ocean is vast and the fun is endless, and if you hook a fish, you will have quite the battle on your hands. Fishing charters are available on all islands, and there is no experience necessary.

Hawaii Shark Cage Dives
Call us crazy, but this is one of our absolute favorite Oahu ocean activities. Head out off the North Shore to a known gathering site for many species of sharks, and jump into a state of the art cage to come face to face with sharks! This adventure is 100% safe and gives you an unbelievable story to tell from your Hawaiian vacation.

The official sport of Hawaii, surfing dates back to ancient Hawaii, where the sport was invented. Learn to ride on the very same waves that legends learned on, mastering the sport along Waikiki Beach and surf breaks all around the islands. With the help of a local pro, you’ll learn how to paddle and pop-up, then ride the wave all the way in.

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