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Oahu Adventure Tours

There may be no island that offers a more diverse collection of fun things to do than Oahu. The island is packed with great activities and things to do for a vacation, taking you to the many different areas and environments that the island features. Some of the best things to do on the island are the Oahu adventure tours that offer thrill seeking and non-stop fun during a day exploring the island. Our favorite Oahu adventure tours are sure to be one of the biggest highlights from your trip.

Whether you are an experienced skydiver or have never worked up the courage to jump, skydiving is a great choice for adventure. The North Shore offers a place to take off, jump, and return safely to earth, while offering the most incredible views you will ever see.

While this may not be quite as daring as freefalling from a plane, parasailing is a very adventurous activity, and takes some nerve to take part in. This is pretty close to flying, and while you’re safely tethered to the boat, the rush of adrenaline takes over. Parasailing shows off amazing views of the island, and can be done while in Waikiki.

Shark Cage Diving
If you are looking for an adventure, this may be it. Head out about 3 miles off the North Shore and dive into a state of the art shark cage and look into the eyes of the most feared predator in the ocean. The cage is the only thing that separates divers from the sharks, who are only inches away.

While a hike may not be as heart pounding as some of the other choices, there is still a ton of adventure on a hike through the rainforest. Hiking is always a great option, and anyone can do it. There are easy hikes and very difficult hikes, and each and every hike offers something a little different. What could be more adventurous than wandering into the jungle with only a trail to know where you are going?

Adventure is never far away during a trip to Hawaii and we are sure that there will be plenty of choices to satisfy the adventure seekers needs. Oahu Adventure Tours are great for all ages, affordable, and always a big hit!

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