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Oahu Activities in Haleiwa

Oahu is a thriving island where you’ll find many incredible activities and things to do to fill your vacation. There are just so many things to do all over the island, but the North Shore is where the action is at. Arriving to the North Shore, you’re greeted with breathtaking beauty and a great view to get you ready for your day. The ocean seems to go on forever and the anticipation gives way to pure excitement once you arrive. Haleiwa is a charming town that is filled with shops, restaurants, and a cozy sense of community, and a day spent here is a day well spent.

Oahu activities in Haleiwa largely take place in the crystal clear Pacific Ocean, where surfing is easily the most popular activity available. While visitors take their surf lessons in the protect bays near Turtle Bay and Haleiwa Beach Park, the pros hit Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, and Banzai Pipeline for some of the best surf in Hawaii.

For the more adventurous and daring, diving with sharks is the top activity, and one that will send chills over your body. Heading out from Haleiwa Harbor, a shark cage is waiting approximately 3 miles off the coast, along with the most intimidating ocean creature: sharks. You’ll dive in and come face to face with a variety of shark species, and you’ll be in awe as they swim around you. Swimming with sharks is so much fun and very safe. The shark cage provides all the protection that you will need, and gives you a front row view of sharks in their natural habitat!

Oahu’s North Shore is a favorite destination and always a great time. From lounging on the beach to dining at a locally owned food truck or enjoying a shave ice, the North Shore and Haleiwa is an amazing place to visit. Don't miss out on the treasured stretch of island during your trip to Oahu.

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