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Where to Dive with Sharks in Hawaii

There are a handful of places around the world where you can dive with sharks in the open ocean, and one of those places is the island of Oahu. Thrill seekers and adventure lovers come from around the world to enjoy the magic of Hawaii and take part in fun, unique activities that are typically not available when you head out on vacation. But, since you’re heading to Hawaii, this fun activity is the perfect way to spend a morning. Finding where to dive with sharks in Hawaii is the only obstacle, but we have you covered.

This isn’t the “normal” snorkeling or diving adventure, though that might be a good thing. Instead of getting into the water and swimming freely, as you would when snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, divers jump into a state of the art shark cage that docks to the boat, ensuring that you have easy access to get out of the water, and providing a safe place to dive with sharks. Located about 3 miles off the North Shore of Oahu, the dive site is a bit of a secret, and you have to know exactly where you’re going to find the site. Oh, and you’ll need a boat.

The easies option is to join an organized activity, hosted by a locally owned company that takes a select few out to dive every day. You’ll depart Haleiwa Harbor and enjoy a short cruise to the site, a nice ride out to sea while Oahu disappears into the distance. The boat ride out is always a big highlight on this adventure, giving you an alternate perspective of the island. Then, you arrive at the site, and you’re ready to dive with sharks in Hawaii.

Fear not, this adventure is perfectly safe, and there is no risk of injury, assuming you follow the safety instructions and keep all of your limbs inside the state of the art shark cage. These are wild animals after all, the top of the ocean’s food chain, and one of the most ferocious predators known to man. And in reality, the sharks that we regularly see out on a dive with sharks in Hawaii are moderate sized sharks that generally have no interest in us. They’re just looking for the fish that are being brought in by local fishing boats in the earliest morning hours.

Oahu’s North Shore is the best place to dive with sharks in Hawaii, and once you’ve been in the ocean with these incredible creatures, you will have quite the story to tell. If you’re up for a bit of adventure and an activity that will make your heart race, diving with sharks in Hawaii is the activity for you!

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