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Everything You Need to Know About Your Hawaii Shark Cage Dive

If you are even considering a Hawaii Shark Cage Dive, then you are ready for an adventure. There is nothing that will make your heart race more than diving into the ocean and seeing a shark just inches from you. The sheer size of the shark, coupled with their intimidating teeth and their agility makes just the sight of one nerve wracking. On a Hawaii Shark Cage Dive, you can rest assured that you are 100% safe and protected by a state of the art shark cage.

There are quite a few things to know and keep in mind while in the ocean, helping to keep everyone (and every shark) safe, and make your time more enjoyable.

Safety First
The biggest concern while in the water is safety. People first, then sharks. The state of the art shark cage offers all of the protection you will need, keeping you in, and the sharks out, while giving a clear view of the incredible sharks swimming close by.

You Don't Have to Enter the Water
The option to just ride along is possible, and if you are not ready to enter the water, that is perfectly fine. You can still see the sharks from the boat, and seeing them from the boat is as heart pounding as seeing them in the water.

Sharks are Following the Scent
It is a common misconception that the water is “chummed” for the benefit of making a dollar. That is not the case. Sharks are following in the fishing boats that have been out to sea in the early morning hours. The boat for the dive is simply meeting them at a known gathering spot for viewing.

Where’s the Island?
3 miles. That’s approximately how far from land you are when you jump into the water. Though it isn’t terribly far, it is a great distance on the ocean and you will only have a distant view of Oahu. The ocean floor is not visible, and when you are in the water, you are out in the middle of the Pacific. Talk about a crazy experience.

Sharks, Sharks, Sharks
One of the more uncommon events on the dive is NOT seeing sharks. We can count on them to be in the area, and they are quite interested in the shark cage. No, they are not trying to eat you. The sharks that usually see are smaller reef sharks, and not the species that are known to attack. Their size is dependent on the type of shark, with some coming in between 6-8 feet, and others as long as 10 feet!

Now, are you ready for a unique experience that is going to be one of the most daring, and most fun, things that you do in Hawaii? Hawaii Shark Cage Dives depart daily, and due to the size of the boat, seats are limited. Take a risk, face your fears, and enjoy one of the most amazing activities available in Hawaii.

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