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What To Do on Oahu’s North Shore

When visitors to Oahu are looking to getaway and unwind, escape the big city and retreat to the more remote parts of the island, they head North to one of the island’s most famous locations. Way up on the North Shore, or the country that it is commonly referred to, life moves a little slower, the buildings are a little shorter, and all of life’s worries seem to blow away in the gentle Hawaiian breeze. Oahu’s North Shore is a true throwback to the old days of Hawaii and a day spent along this stretch of the island is a day well spent. But what is there to do on Oahu’s North Shore?

The North Shore is among the most stunningly beautiful places in all of Hawaii, and as soon as you start descending onto the stretch of the island, you’ll be taken back by your surroundings, where the powder white sand beaches and blue ocean waters run into the lush island, creating a setting right out of a picture. The first town that you come across is Haleiwa, a quaint town that is the hub of activity for this stretch of island. Many of the top activities start in Haleiwa, and when you need to refuel, there are so many great places to eat, including the food trucks that are found in town, and more food trucks that are found all along the coast.

When you are deciding what to do on the North Shore, there are great options that will help make for a great day. Surfing is the most popular sport in Hawaii, and you can take lessons from a seasoned veteran of these waves, learning the secrets to riding the waves and techniques that will have you paddling and shredding in no time. If surfing isn't your choice for fun, consider stand-up paddleboarding in Haleiwa harbor, where the protected cove offers the perfect place for gliding across the oceans surface. Keep your eyes peeled for Green Sea Turtles who are known to frequent the harbor.

Additional activities on the North Shore include skydiving, where views of Oahu are second to none and the thrills of freefalling while enjoying the most incredible experience will be a great story for you to tell back home. But the most adventurous activity available on the North Shore, the one that will be the highlight of your vacation is diving with sharks. There is nothing that compares to jumping into the ocean and staring into the eyes of sharks, coming up close to the creature that is known to send shivers through the spine of even the toughest person. Though this activity is perfectly safe, your heart will race and the adrenaline will pump through your body while you’re in the ocean with the creature that normally sends people running away.

Oahu’s North Shore is one of the island’s most treasured places and the place that many go to get away. Plan a day on Oahu’s North Shore and find all of the great things to do while visiting this special stretch of island. Spend your day here and make your Hawaii experience the best that it can possibly be.

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