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What to Know About Hawaii Shark Cage Tours

The mystery of diving with sharks is intriguing enough for visitors to start asking questions and want to know more about Hawaii Shark Cage Tours. After all, this opportunity doesn't come along very often, and staring down a shark is something that can only be done in a handful of places around the world. Believe us, this is a very fun tour, filled with excitement and thrills, and will be something you remember forever.

Here are some of the things that you should know about Hawaii Shark Cage Tours.

Safety First
When it comes to diving with sharks, the most important thing to remember is safety comes first. The shark cage is fitted with plexi-glass around the main opening, allowing you see out, but not allowing anything in. We probably done need to say it, but please keep all limbs, fingers, and toes inside the cage at all times.

You Don't Have to Enter the Water
Many guests on board choose to ride along only, and prefer to not come inches away from a shark. And that is perfectly fine. You will still be able to see the sharks from the boat, and will still have a great time.

Sharks are Following the Scent
No, they are not following the scent of you. They are following the scent of fishing boats that are heading back in from fishing. The boats take great pride in the fact that they are no chumming the water, and are simply going to where the sharks are known to gather.

Miles from Land
It may not seem very far, but the shark cage is about 3 miles off the North Shore of Oahu. On land, that is not a very far distance, but when you’re at sea, it’s quite far. The island is typically visible, but you will know you’re out on the open ocean, and that just adds to the fun.

Sharks, Sharks, Sharks
There are many different shark species that are commonly seen on the Shark Cage Tours. The most common are Whitetip Reef Sharks, Sandbar Sharks, Galapagos Sharks, and Grey Reef Sharks. Each species varies in size, but expect to see sharks that are anywhere from 6-10 feet. On the very rare occasion, a Tiger Shark might make an appearance, but that should not be expected. Regardless, getting to see how big sharks are in their natural habitat is amazing.

Hawaii Shark Cage Tours are growing in popularity, and we can assure you that one day, you’ll be reflecting on your Hawaii vacation, and this is one of the things that will stand out. You’ll have a great story to tell your friends, and will be able to say that you were inches from sharks in the Pacific Ocean. What more can you ask for in a fun activity?

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