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Vacation on Oahu

Most islands around the world, especially remote islands like the Hawaiian Islands, are secluded destinations with very little development and busy cities. Oahu is a very unique destination that combines the big city with the lush countryside, creating a modern place that has also managed to maintain the easygoing way of life that Hawaii is known for.

In addition to the fun tours, activities, and things to do, Oahu features all of the elements that make a high-end vacation, including fantastic restaurants and shopping, incredible beaches, and diverse landscapes that offer a chance to get out and explore the great outdoors. Most visitors’ stay along Waikiki Beach, where one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii is found, and the streets are lined with everything you could possibly need.  There is so much throughout Oahu’s tourism district that some choose to not leave, though that is not for everyone.

If you are looking to get out and explore, the island is ready and waiting for exploration and adventure. Just a short drive from Waikiki and the island transforms, moving from a busy city with high rises, traffic, and large crowds to lush countryside, picture perfect beaches, and the most stunning sites you will see during your vacation. From the North Shore to the Windward Coast, Oahu has it all.

The North Shore is a must for any trip, even if you only spend a day here, you can have an incredible time and really create a Hawaiian experience. The famous surf beaches line the North Shore and in Haleiwa, there are so many great options for things to do. Start with a Shark Cage Diving Tour and then head into town for a great meal at a locally owned restaurant or food truck that serves up plate lunches filled with freshly prepared food that is grown locally and prepared right in the truck.

Along the South Shore, the dessert takes over, and the island’s lush countryside gives way to rocky seacliffs and a much different environment. Here, visitors enjoy amazing island lookouts and views of the Pacific Ocean that will take your breath away. The Windward Coast is an extension of the North Shore, and as you make your way from La’ie, heading south along the island’s coastline, you see the towering Ko’olau Mountains and iconic offshore islands, creating perfect views and places to stop and just enjoy the beauty of the island.

There is little mystery as to why Oahu is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Hawaii, and why the island brings visitors back again and again. An abundance of fun tours and activities, amazing scenery, perfect beaches and weather, and so many secrets help to make Oahu the special place that it is.

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