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What Types of Sharks Will You Encounter on Your Shark Cage Adventure

All over Hawaiian waters, from the shores of Oahu to the untouched beauty of Kauai’s Na Pali Coast, there is one resident that is known to send people back to the sand, and keep some out of the water forever. Sharks are as much apart of Hawaii as the sand and the surf, and though we do not welcome an encounter with these misunderstood ocean dwellers, their presence in the ocean cannot be understated. As the very top of the ocean’s food chain, sharks help to keep fish populations in check, and the health of the ocean depends on all types of sharks. Yes, an encounter with a shark is dreaded and we’d all be very happy if we never encountered one, but they are in the ocean, and the shark is actually a very special creature to Hawaiians.

For the daring and adventurous, Oahu Shark Cage Adventures are a great activity to join, and the chance to dive with sharks is a very unique activity that your friends and family back home will not believe. The adventure is perfectly safe and so much fun. From the security of a custom-built shark cage, you get to jump into their natural habitat and come face to face with a variety of species of sharks, all calling Hawaii home.

White Tipped Reef Shark – this species of shark is a one of the least aggressive sharks in the entire ocean, and they typically spend their time around reefs or close to the ocean floor. They grow to about 6 feet in length, and are quite timid, preferring to avoid contact with people.

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark – most divers want to see a hammerhead shark due to their unique look and the fact that many people have not seen one in person. They spend most of their day close to the shore and in protected harbors, venturing out to deep waters at night to hunt. Though this is not the most commonly seen shark, they are known to make an appearance.

Galapagos Shark – Along with the Bull Shark, the Galapagos Shark is a very commonly seen shark, especially in pictures. They just have that classic shark look, grey skin that fades into their white belly and a tall dorsal fin. They can grow to about 10 feet in length, making their presence known just from their size and they are a frequent visitor during a Shark Cage Adventure.

Tiger Shark – Think about the shark that sends a shiver down your spine. Is it the Great White? Or is it the Tiger Shark? For Hawaiians, it's the Tiger Shark. These guys are known around the island and if one is spotted, get out of the water. They grow to over 16 feet in length and are known for their aggression and the fact that they will eat pretty much anything, including other sharks.  

Sandbar Shark – we see quite a few Sandbar Sharks while diving and along with the Galapagos Shark, are probably the most seen shark during a dive. They grow to about 10 feet in length, though most of them are in the 8-foot range, and they tend stick close to bays, sandbars, and harbors.

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