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Two Choices for Swimming with Sharks in Hawaii

When you think of adventures in Hawaii, swimming with sharks is at or near the top of every list. Though sharks are quite intimidating and the predator that everyone fears, the chance to swim with sharks while visiting should not be passed up. Staring into the eyes of these incredible creatures is a thrill and an adventure like this doesn't come around everyday. Swimming with sharks in Hawaii is a bucket list item, and if you have the opportunity to take part, you do not want to pass it up.

There are two options for swimming with sharks in Hawaii. One option is to head to Sea Life Park on Oahu’s South Shore and enter their custom shark tank, built with a protective cage that allows you to watch the sharks swim freely in their enclosure. Sea Life Park is a great family activity, and the Shark Trek is just one part of the entire day at the park. There are 10 sharks that live in the tank, all native to the Hawaiian Islands, and the research and study conducted at Sea Life Park is vital in understanding their behaviors and importance to the ocean.

Oahu’s second option for swimming with sharks is to head out to sea and dive with sharks in their natural habitat. Departing Oahu’s Haleiwa Harbor, you’ll head out about 3 miles and jump into a state of the art shark cage with a variety of shark species swimming around you. As soon as you arrive at the dive site, the sharks are seen, and just the site of one of these creatures is enough to make your heart race. While you’re in the water, the only thing that separates you from the sharks is the cage, meaning you are just inches from sharks for the duration of your time in the water, with only the protective cage separating you from them.

There are plenty of incredible adventures to take while visiting Oahu, but diving with sharks might be at the top of the list. There is nothing more intimidating than staring into the face of a shark, and the best method for diving with sharks is to head out to sea. For the more reserved, you can find great views of sharks in a captive setting at Sea Life Park, but there is nothing quite like a Shark Cage Tour on Oahu’s North Shore.

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