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Oahu Activities and Adventures for Your Trip

Finding adventure on Oahu is just about as easy as finding the beach. Well….maybe not quite that easy, but it is pretty easy, and there are many different Oahu activities and adventures that you can fill your time with. From the North Shore to the South Shore, and everything and everywhere in between. The ocean features plenty of adventure, and the island itself is where some of the top Oahu activities take place, heading out for adventure in the lush rainforests and throughout the island’s interior.

For your vacation, consider these fun Oahu activities:
North Shore Skydiving – when you think of adventure, skydiving has to be high on that list. Free falling from 10,000 feet will make your heart race, and the view on the way down is breathtaking. You’re strapped to an expert skydiver and safety is the #1 concern on this fun adventure.

North Shore Shark Cage Diving- if skydiving makes your heart race, staring into the face of a shark might make your heart skip a few beats. Visit Oahu’s North Shore and head out from Haleiwa Harbor to a known gathering area for a variety of shark species. Dive into a state of the art shark cage and come face to face with the ocean’s top predator.

Hiking and Nature Adventures – back on land, you might be ready for a more low-key adventure. Hiking is a big part of life in Hawaii, and Oahu features so many great trails to explore. Trek deep into the lush rainforests, or hike to the summit of an extinct volcano to discover the secrets of the island and enjoy one of the top Oahu activities for visitors and locals alike.

Zipline Adventures – A perfect mix of skydiving and keeping your feet firmly planted on land, zipline adventures are quickly becoming one of the most popular Oahu activities. Courses are found around the island and zip you over the tree tops while showing off the hidden beauty and features of the island. While you wont be free falling, you will be soaring through the air, but will have your feet back on the ground in no time.

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