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Swim with Sharks in Hawaii

What is the most daring thing that you can think of doing? Perhaps skydiving. Or is it parasailing? Maybe it’s even just a difficult hike in an unknown area. Whatever it is, we think that we have it beat. One of the most daring things that you can possibly do is swim with sharks, and you can take part in this incredible activity right here in Hawaii!

Head out to the open ocean off the North Shore of Oahu, where different shark species are known to gather, looking for a bite to eat off the fishing boats that are making their way back into the harbor after a morning of fishing. The waters here are the perfect place for sharks to look for fish, and it’s here that you can actually swim in the open ocean with sharks.

But fear not, this is not a free swim, and there is no danger to any person or shark. A state of the art shark cage is stationed approximately 3 miles off the coast, and in this cage, you’ll dive into the ocean and have a front row view of the biggest sharks you may ever see. Galapagos, White Tip Reef, Sandbar, and a host of other shark species are often spotted, and are so close you can touch them! But please don't, we are only out here to watch the sharks in their habitat.

During this top Hawaii activity, you’ll see views of Oahu’s North Shore that will make you look at the island in a different light. As you depart the harbor, the entire coastline comes into focus, with views stretching from Haleiwa to Waimea Bay and beyond, showing you that although the North Shore seems like a long stretch, it really isn’t.

Are you going to pass up on the chance to swim with sharks in Hawaii? There is no activity that will have your pulse racing, and put you up close with the most feared predator in the ocean. The impressive size, and intimidating presence of sharks will make this a highlight of your vacation, and will be something you reminisce about for years to come.

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