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Staying Safe on a Hawaii Shark Cage Tour

As much fun as a Hawaii Shark Cage Tour is, it’s always safety first when taking part in this incredibly fun activity. Though the risk of anything happening is quite low, practicing a bit of caution and awareness will help you to really enjoy the fun adventure that awaits. And what fun awaits!

As you’re heading out to the dive spot, you’ll receive a full safety briefing from the captain, filling you in on all of the important information that you’ll need during your time in the water. The captain and crew go to great lengths to make sure that this is an enjoyable day, doing something that might be considered just a little bit crazy. Think about it: you’re diving with sharks!

Once you arrive at the site, the state of the art shark cage is docked to the side of the boat, ensuring you’re not going anywhere when you are in the water. The cage itself is a strong cage that provides plenty of viewing space, rails to hold onto when you’re underwater, and even flotation devices for you to wear. As an extra assurance of security in the cage, a piece of thick plexiglass is secured around the largest opening of the cage, meaning nothing is getting in or out. As crazy as this adventure is, it is incredibly safe.

Sharks are unpredictable creatures, and there is often rumor of “chumming” the water, but that is not true. Human safety isn’t the only concern on this adventure, shark safety is a high priority as well. Sharks are aggressive by nature and chumming the water only makes them more aggressive. The Hawaii Shark Cage Tour does not chum the water, and are only meeting the sharks at a known gathering place approximately 3 miles off of the North Shore of Oahu.

Hawaii shark cage tours are an incredible adventure and one you will never forget. This adventure is great fun and gives you a chance to do something that you might not normally do in a place that you might not normally get to visit. You are going to love your Hawaii shark cage tour, and your entire trip to Hawaii.  

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