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Activities on Oahu that Show You the Island

A vacation to Oahu is more than just a vacation. In many cases, it is a dream vacation that travelers have spent years dreaming about, planning for, and saving up to take. The best way to experience the islands and have the vacation that you’ve always dreamed of is to get out and explore, while enjoying activities on Oahu that help to make a vacation complete. There are so many things to do on the island, and it is a well-known fact that the more you do, the more fun you will have. Seeing the island is important, and with these activities on Oahu, you’ll get to see everything that the island has to offer.

Outdoor Hiking Adventures
Hiking in Hawaii is one of the top activities on Oahu, and for good reason. The sites are amazing, the hikes range from easy to difficult, and there are so many hidden features around the island that will blow you away. Hike through the lush rainforest and discover waterfalls or take in panoramic views of the island, while enjoying the fresh air and tropical beauty of the island.

Shark Cage Diving
Yes, you read that right. Head out from the North Shore and jump into the water with sharks, only a state of the art cage protecting you. Rest assured, this adventure is 100% safe, and you will get a close up view of the ocean’s most feared predator.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding
After your heart rate has come down from swimming with sharks, enjoy a leisurely activity that is easy and fun. Glide across the surface of the ocean and take in amazing views of the island, and keep your eyes peeled for the fish and marine life that make their homes around Oahu. The best part? You can SUP anywhere there is a large body of water, so you may pick up a new activity during your trip.

Of all the activities on Oahu, this is the one that many look forward to the most. Discover the underwater world of Oahu, with dramatic volcanic formations, colorful fish, and so much fun. Many sites around the island are known for snorkeling and you can choose to enter from the sand at Hanauma Bay, or take a boat out to known hotspots around the island.

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