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Shark Species in Hawaii

The waters of Hawaii are filled with a plethora of marine life, everything from the tiniest reef fish to Humpback Whales, and everything in between. At sites like Hanauma Bay, it is easy to get an up close look at tropical fish that live on the reefs that surround the island. Still, some ocean dwellers are a little harder to spot, and when you get the opportunity to see one up close, you have to take advantage.

Off the coast, there is an entire world that is easy to forget about, where fish swim freely, and the meanest, most feared predator in the ocean goes about its day, in search of its next meal.

On a Hawaii Shark Cage Tour, you are bound to encounter one of many types of sharks. And at attractions like Sea Life Park on Oahu visitors can find more sharks. But what are the different species of sharks that make the warm waters of Hawaii home?

White Tipped Reef Shark – found around reefs and near the bottom of the ocean in clear water, this reef shark is rarely aggressive towards humans, and tops out at about 5 feet in length.

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark – the most common of all hammerheads, the Scalloped Hammerhead will occasionally make an appearance during a Shark Cage Tour. Surfers often see these sharks as they spend their days close to shore, and retreat to the open ocean at night.

Galapagos Shark – One of the most commonly seen sharks during a Shark Cage Tour, the Galapagos has that classic shark look that is seen in many pictures and books. The Galapagos reaches around 10 feet in length and are considered a bold species, having a history of aggressive behavior.

Tiger Shark – out of all sharks, the Tiger Shark is the 2nd most feared, and with good reason. Reaching lengths of over 11 feet, this shark is considered the top of the food chain and is one of the most feared predators in the ocean.

Gray Reef Shark – known as fast swimmers and very agile, the Grey Reef Shark grows to around 6 feet long, and is found in shallow waters, around reefs. This shark is one of the 3 most common sharks in and around Hawaii, and may occasionally venture out to open ocean, though that is not a common occurrence as the Grey Reef Shark is often prey for larger sharks.

Sandbar Shark – one of the largest coastal sharks in the world, the Sandbar Shark can reach lengths of 8 feet, and sticks to areas that have helped to give it its name, including bays, sandbars, and harbors.

Which sharks do you look forward to seeing during your Hawaii Shark Cage Tour?

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