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Hawaii Shark Cage Adventures

One of the best things about traveling to Hawaii is the abundance of fun things to do. There are so many great activities to fill your vacation, ranging from easy going activities like Sunset Dinner Cruises, to daring adventures, like a hike through the mountains, skydiving, and even diving with sharks! For thrill seekers and adventure lovers, Hawaii Shark Cage Adventures are a top choice for anyone visiting the island, and it puts you up close with the ocean’s most terrifying predator.

For this fun-filled adventure, you get the added bonus of seeing Oahu’s famous North Shore and enjoying a boat ride out to the dive spot. Of course, the sharks are always on your mind, and by the time you get out to the location, you’ll be ready to dive right in and come face to face with your fears. These are real life sharks, in their natural habitat. The only protection you will have is the state of the art shark cage that you’ll jump in to view the most misunderstood creature in the ocean.

Safety is the #1 concern on any Hawaii Shark Cage Adventure, and you can rest assured that the sharks cannot get to you. The cage is designed to keep them out, and you in, providing a viewing space that is perfectly safe. You will be amazed at the size and grace of a variety of shark species, all inhabitants of the waters that surround Hawaii. From the moment you spot your first shark on board, you’ll feel a rush of adrenaline and be filled with anticipation to get into the water.

Hawaii Shark Cage Adventures depart from Oahu’s North Shore Haleiwa Harbor, heading out about 3 miles to sea. The shark cage docks to the boat, and fits approximately 10 divers. It is highly advised to take motion sickness medication, keep all limbs inside the cage at all times, and if you have one, bring an underwater camera. The picture opportunities are once in a lifetime, and you will want to remember every second of this incredible adventure.

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