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Important Information to Know for Your Hawaii Shark Adventure

As the days leading up to your Hawaii vacation approach, the excitement and anticipation is going to build like crazy. You will be so excited that you may not be able to sleep, and every waking moment will be spent daydreaming about the Hawaiian Islands. Well, maybe not EVERY moment, but a lot of them. Hawaii is a dream vacation destination with so many great things to do and fun adventures that will fill your days. One of those adventures, diving with sharks in Hawaii, is one of the most unique activities, and a heart-pounding adventure that will be one of your favorites from your trip.

The uncertainty surrounding diving with sharks adds to the anticipation, and though we know that you are going to enjoy your adventure, it’s still nice to know just a little bit of key information before heading out to sea.

Here is some of important information to know prior to diving with sharks.

Safety First
Easily the most important aspect of this adventure is safety. Anytime wild animals are involved, precautions are taken to make sure guests and the crew stays safe, and when you are dealing with sharks, it is even more important. The shark cage that you enter to view the sharks is a custom built, state of the art vessel that keeps you in the cage, and the sharks out. There is no way for the sharks to get in, and of all of the adventures that have taken place, there have never been any injuries or risk of injury.

Come Along for the Ride
Did you know that options are available that allow you to ride along and you don't have to enter the water? This is perfect for those traveling with kids that might be too scared, or those who may not be comfortable entering the ocean. You will still have great views of the sharks, and will be able to see all of the action from the boat.

Meeting the Sharks
One of the biggest and most important facts about this adventure is that they sharks arrive at the dive spot naturally, and there is no chum that is put into the water. As important as keeping people safe, it is also important to make sure the sharks are not disturbed as well, and by meeting them at a know gathering place, we ensure that the sharks natural instincts are not disrupted.

Shark Species
There are a few different species that we commonly encounter, and there is really no way to predict what will swim by. Most commonly encountered are the smaller reef sharks, including the Whitetip Reef Shark, Sandbar Shark, Galapagos Shark, and Grey Reef Shark. Each species varies in size, but expect to see sharks that are anywhere from 6-10 feet.

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