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Ocean Activities in Hawaii

The crystal clear waters of Hawaii are one of the biggest draws for visitors and locals, and finding ocean activities in Hawaii is about as easy as finding a beach. There is so much to do in the water, from fishing to surfing, and even just taking the occasional dip is a fun activity when you consider where you are. The temperature of the water is always as perfect as it can be, and just the chance to enjoy some fun in the ocean will be a big part of your trip to the islands.

With so many options available, one of the best activities in Hawaii is swimming with sharks on Oahu’s North Shore. While this may seem like an extreme activity that might be a little dangerous, there is no danger on this adventure. Head out to sea for the thrill of your life and take part in one of the most popular ocean activities in Hawaii.

Depart from the North Shore and head out a few miles from the shore. The island disappears while the boat gets farther out to sea, and soon you’ll be out in the middle of the ocean, where the floor of the sea is nowhere in sight and the sharks begin to circle the boat as soon as it docks. Go ahead, peer over the edge and watch as the most feared predator in the entire ocean swims by. The thrills start immediately.

 Once you dive in, a state of the art shark cage offers all the protection that you need, and allows you to get only inches from a variety of shark species that are found in the waters throughout Hawaii. The size, teeth, and presence of the sharks will make your heart race and the thrill a second adventure will easily be one of the best things that you do during your trip to Hawaii.

The chance to swim with sharks does not come along often, and the fact that this activity takes places on Oahu’s North Shore, this is the perfect opportunity to spend a day in the country, and enjoy a thrilling ocean activity in Hawaii. The thrills and adventure are second to none, and just the sight of a shark is enough to make your heart race. You will love this activity and it is sure to be a highlight of your trip.

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