hawaii shark tours

Oahu’s Top Things to Do

Visitors to Oahu come in search of many different things, chief among them relaxation, adventure, and fun. All of these are readily available while visiting, and any will help to make a great vacation to the lovely island. Among the top things to do is getting out of the normal comfort zone that we grow so accustomed to, taking advantage of everything that the island has to offer.

If you are looking for adventure and fun, the perfect activity is available on the North Shore, and definitely gets you out of your comfort zone. Heart pounding thrills and action are front and center, on an adventure that brings you face to face with sharks in their natural habitat!

Hawaii Shark Cage Tours departs from the North Shore of Oahu, heading out into the wide open ocean and leaving the comfort of land in the distance. A custom built shark cage is all that this adventure needs to show you the top predator in the ocean, swimming just inches away from you on the other side of safety. Enjoy ample time in the water, while a variety of native shark species circle the outside of the cage, their eyes watching you and their intimidating teeth on full display.

Despite the menacing shark swimming nearby, this adventure is perfectly safe, and while you’re in the water, a sense of ease comes over you. Sharks are one of the most misunderstood creatures in the world, and despite their reputation, they are vital to the oceans, and have been seen as sacred to the Hawaiian Islands, dating all the way back to ancient Hawaii.

Once you’ve marked swimming with sharks off your “Things to Do on Oahu” checklist, you can master anything. This will make everything else seem like a walk in the park, and you will have quite the exhilarating adventure to tell your friends about back home.

Diving with sharks is a big item to check off of the Oahu things to do list, and this shark cage tour allows you to add fun and adventure to your trip. There may not be a better opportunity to enter their domain, and swim in the same water as the ocean’s most feared predator. This is a top things to do for a reason, and once you’ve dived with sharks, your sense of adventure will only grow.

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