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Oahu Adventure Tours

Oahu is an amazing vacation destination, where there is so much to do and see, and the island is excitement waiting to happen. For as much sightseeing on the island, Oahu Adventure Tours are some of the top things to do, and create lasting vacation memories.

One of the most exciting adventure tours available is diving with sharks on the North Shore, coming face to face with the most feared predator in the entire ocean.  A tour unlike any other, Hawaii Shark Cage Tours take you out a few miles from shore, where sharks are known to linger, in search of fish that have fallen off of local fishing boats.

Adventures like this are typically found in other tropical destinations like the Bahamas, but this is your chance to take part in this fun activity right here in Hawaii. The biggest difference aside from the types of sharks that are seen, is that this adventure takes place in the safety of a state of the art shark cage, found floating in the middle of the ocean. Along with the types of sharks that are seen, the sizes of the sharks are dramatically different. The sharks that are encountered on this tour are typically within the 10-foot range, and show off just how intimidating these creatures are.

Thrill seekers flock to the Hawaii Islands for many different options, including hiking, parasailing, and zipling, and diving with sharks is quickly becoming one of the most sought after Oahu Adventure Tours on the island. The chance to do this fun activity is too much to pass up, and adventurers of all ages enjoy their time in the cage. The water can be quite rough, so be prepared for a challenge. And even if you don't want to enter the water, you can remain on board and watch from the boat, still able to witness sharks in their natural habitat.

How many times will you be able to say that were in the water with sharks, just a few inches away from them as they circled around you? From the state of the art cage, you are perfectly safe, and can witness these amazing creatures safely. Sharks are very mysterious creatures, and once you’ve seen them up close, it’s easy to understand their mystery, and bring a new appreciation to them.

Space on board the boat is limited, and as this is tour is gaining in popularity every day. Be sure to reserve this fun Oahu Adventure Tour, and swim with sharks during your trip to Hawaii.

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