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Oahu Activities for Your Vacation

Oahu is an incredibly diverse vacation destination, with a many great things to do and places to visit. While planning your trip to the most populated Hawaiian island, you are sure to be looking for fun activities to fill your vacation, and help you to see the entire island. Oahu features some of the best activities in Hawaii and offers a number of different types things to do, giving every visitor the opportunity to do something that they want to do, and allow the chance to explore the entire island.

The best activities take place outdoors, taking advantage of the beauty and fun that the island has to offer.

Though not exclusive to Oahu, hiking is always a great option for fun. There are so many trails to explore, winding deep into the rainforest, through lush countryside, or up to heights that offer panoramic views of the island and the stunning coastline. There is no experience necessary for hiking, though some trails are a bit more difficult than others, and caution should always be taken when attempting to hike for the first time. Guided hikes are available and are quite informative

Shark Cage Diving
Easily the most thrilling activity on Oahu, diving with sharks on Oahu’s North Shore is a thrill a minute, and will be one of the best stories when you return home. The chance to dive into the ocean and come face to face with sharks in their natural habitat should not be missed.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding
During a trip to any beach in Hawaii, you’ll see Stand-Up Paddlers enjoying an afternoon on the water. This activity is easy to pick up, and when just a little bit of practice, you’ll be gliding across the water in no time. While out on a SUP, keep your eyes open for tropical marine life, and amazing underwater formations that are visible from the surface.

Oahu features one of the top snorkeling locations in Hawaii at Hanauma Bay, and this popular spot is home to a number of native fish. The protected bay features perfect conditions for snorkeling and plenty to look at. The fish that are found here use the reef as protection and to find food, and while snorkeling at this incredible location, you can watch as they go about their day in the clearest water you can imagine.

What are you looking forward to doing during your visit? With so much to do, and so much to see, you will not be disappointed during your visit to Oahu.

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