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Things to Do on North Shore Oahu

The incredible North Shore of Oahu is a special place, with so many things to do, places to dine, and different areas to explore. The entire north facing side of the island is considered the country, and remains an undeveloped area that is a retreat for locals and visitors. Some of the most famous beaches in the world reside here, stretching from Haleiwa to La’ie, offering a retreat from the busy city.

Activities and things to do on the North Shore are largely centered on the ocean, and as you can guess, surfing is at the top of the list. Beginners learn the ropes on smaller waves in places like Haleiwa Harbor, and after practice and gaining experience, graduate to bigger breaks all along the North Shore. For visitors, a surf lesson in Haleiwa is always a fun experience, giving the opportunity to say that you surfed on Oahu’s fabled North Shore!

Haleiwa is the hub of activity on the North Shore, and everything from surfing and stand-up paddle to Shark Cage Tours, many of the top things to do on North Shore Oahu originate in the quaint town that is famous for its charm, shrimp trucks, and shave ice, which is a refreshing treat after a day spent in the sun, taking part in the best activities this part of the island has to offer.

Easily the most thrilling activity is the chance to dive with sharks in Hawaii. This trill a minute tour departs from Haleiwa Harbor, and journeys to the middle of the ocean, where a state of the art shark cage is waiting. Docking to the boat, the cage provides all the protection divers need, allowing the chance to come face to face with the ocean’s most feared predator. These are not small sharks, and the chance to see them in their natural habitat is something you cannot pass up.

The North Shore of Oahu is a true treasure on the island, and the feeling of being in the countryside, and the history of the area provides a whole new outlook for the island. If you’re visiting during the winter, the legendary waves will have arrived, and the surf will be high, drawing surfers from all over the world for the best surf competitions. Just the site of the waves is intimidating, and watching the pros compete should not be missed.

Discover the North Shore of Oahu, and all of the great things to do here. The activities, sites, and happenings all help to make this part of the island special, and we’re sure that a day on the North Shore will be a highlight of your trip.

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