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North Shore Oahu Things to Do

Visitors to Oahu have the luxury of so many different things to at many points all over the island. From the scenic South Shore to the Windward Side, all the way up the North Shore, and then to the Leeward Coast, there are activities for all ages, all interests, and activities that are laid back and easy going, or activities that are thrilling, a bit daring, and always so much fun. On the North Shore of Oahu, there are things to do that you might even think are a bit crazy, but that is just part of what makes Oahu the endlessly fun place that it is.

One of our favorite places in all of Hawaii is the North Shore of Oahu, the place to be when the big waves arrive in the winter, and the place to spend a day enjoying some of the most popular Oahu things to do. At this point, you’re probably wondering just what there is to do on the North Shore, and we're happy to fill you in on the North Shore activities that we absolutely love.

North Shore Oahu Things to Do

This activity is not for everyone, and understandably so. Jumping out of an airplane is one of those things that takes a bit of bravery, but what better place to do this exhilarating activity than Hawaii? During your descent back to land, you’ll have unmatched views of the island and the entire North Shore, including the famous surf beaches.

Surf Lessons
You can’t come to Hawaii without learning how to surf. The North Shore is a surf mecca and you’re able to take a lesson from a local pro, learning to ride on some pretty famous breaks. Don't worry you won’t be riding the giants, but you’ll be able to brag to your friends that you surfed in Hawaii!

Diving with Sharks
First skydiving, now this? Maybe we do have a bit of a daring streak in us. Head out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean from Haleiwa Harbor and jump into the water with real life sharks, circling the boat and the shark cage that acts as your viewing area. You’ll be face to face with a variety of shark species during your time in the water and be able to stare directly into their eyes…and directly at their impressive teeth.

Food Trucks
If you're going to be spending a day or two on the North Shore, eating will be a big part of your time. Head to Haleiwa for the famous food trucks, or drive along Kamehameha Highway and stop at the truck that are scattered along the shore for a taste of the local cuisine. These trucks are famous throughout Hawaii and one plate lunch will show you why.

During your visit to the island, be sure to visit all parts of the island, and find the very best Oahu things to do that fit your interests and the things that will help you to have the vacation that you deserve. The North Shore is a magical place, and with all of the great Oahu things to do on this part of the island, your vacation is going to be a dream come true.

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