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Things to Do on Oahu’s North Shore

The world-famous North Shore of Oahu is known for many things, most notably the beaches that line the coastline, and have gained a reputation as the some of the best waves, and most intimidating breaks in the world. Naturally, visitors to Oahu make it a point to visit the North Shore, no matter the time of year. You see, the winter months bring massive waves and surf competitions, while the summer time is much quieter, and the beaches offer great places to enjoy a day, swim, snorkel, and take part in activities like Stand-up Paddle.

Of all of the things to do on Oahu’s North Shore, just visiting the area is at the top of the list. There is a lot to do, so many visitors take advantage of that and make the trek early in the day, and spend the rest of the day exploring, eating, and enjoying the easy way of life.

For those seeking activities, there are a number of great options, including surf lessons, Stand-up Paddle, snorkeling at locations like Shark’s Cove, and even diving with sharks. The fun on the North Shore is non-stop, and adventure seekers come up here for a number of reasons.

For water lovers, surfing is obviously the king. Small break in the summertime offer beginners the opportunity to learn and practice, while farther breaks are good enough for even the pros. Winter is a different story, and beginners must exercise caution when entering the water.

Below the surface, scuba divers and snorkelers uncover a world that we miss out on land, and witness a variety of tropical fish in their natural habitat, which also includes the most feared predator in the ocean. Sharks frequent the islands of Hawaii in search of food and warmer waters. On the North Shore, sharks make their homes off shore, and are known to follow fishing boats in, the scent of fish drawing them closer to shore.

This is where diving with sharks comes into play. Approximately 3 miles offshore, enter a state of the art shark cage and watch as giant sharks swim around, curious as to what is going on, and giving the perfect opportunity to see a variety of shark species up close. There is nothing quite as thrilling as watching intimidating predators just inches away, a shark cage offering the only protection.

Visitors love the stunning North Shore of Oahu, and welcome the change of pace from the busy city of Honolulu. The charm and character of towns like Haleiwa are apparent upon arrival, and there is not shortage of great things to do on the North Shore.

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