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North Shore Shark Adventures

The choices for great activities and things to do in Hawaii are nearly endless. With so many options to choose from, you may get a little overwhelmed, and help is need. Finding the really unique and adventurous activities is a need that most visitors have, and there may not be a better activity than North Shore Shark Adventures.

Anytime the word shark is used, it can bring trepidation and might make you question your (and our) sanity. Yes, this activity is actually getting into the ocean with sharks; and yes, they are a mere inches from you. But fear not, this adventure is entirely safe, and there is no way that the sharks can get to you.

Departing from Haleiwa Harbor on Oahu’s North Shore, your adventure heads out to the open ocean, approximately 3 miles from the shore, where a state of the art shark cage is waiting. This is where you will dive in and come face to face with the sharks, and where you will be 100% safe from the most feared predator in the ocean. The shark cage docks to the boat, and has been custom built to protect you from the sharks that are swimming nearby.

A largely misunderstood creature, sharks are at the top of the food chain in the ocean, and coming face to face with them will show you exactly why. Though we generally encounter smaller sharks that are not known to come in contact with people, they still posses the intimidating characteristics that sharks are known for, and can still strike fear in anyone.

From the safety of the shark cage, different species of sharks swim right by the cage. On a normal day, we see many different species of reef sharks that have followed the fishing boats in, waiting for a fish to fall overboard. These sharks are here naturally, and there is no chumming the waters to draw them in. Sharks are revered in Hawaiian culture, and respecting the species, and their home is something that this great activity goes out of its way to protect.

Swimming with sharks is not always something that you can claim you have done, and taking part in this activity in Hawaii is extra special. Just seeing a shark will make your heart race, and actually getting into the ocean with them is an experience you will never forget. Enjoy a North Shore Shark Adventure as part of a fun filled day on the North Shore of Oahu and you will have a complete day that will be a big part of your trip to Hawaii.

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