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North Shore Oahu Activities

Vacationing on Oahu can be one of the best trips you will ever make in your life. Like any other Hawaiian Island, the more that you do and the more that you explore, the better your time spent on the island will be, and the better your overall experience will be. With so much to explore on the island, expect to spend a great deal of your time seeing all that the island has to offer, finding the best destinations and attractions around the island. There are plenty of North Shore Oahu activities to enjoy during your vacation, each offering an important part of the overall experience.

A visit to the North Shore has to start with a visit to Haleiwa. The quaint little town that is the gateway to this part of the island offers plenty of places to eat, do a little shopping, and really experience a genuine town that is as important as anything on the North Shore. Most visitors stop here on their way into the North Shore, and then return later in the day for lunch. The famous food trucks are found right at the beginning of town, and continue throughout the entire North Shore.

North Shore Oahu activities are quite popular throughout the northern coast and as you can guess, most of the activities take place in the ocean. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are popular along this stretch of island, and thrill seekers are naturally drawn to Haleiwa Harbor where one of the North Shore’s most daring activities kicks off: diving with sharks. Others come up north for skydiving, and there are also a few luaus to choose from, including the Polynesian Cultural Center’s award winning luau, as well as the park that offers a fascinating glimpse at the history and cultural of the Polynesian Isalnds.

We can’t talk about the North Shore without mentioning the amazing beaches that are found all along the coast. Haleiwa Beach Park is a great place to relax in a setting that is close to town, and famous surf beaches Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach, and Waimea Bay are popular places to enjoy a day. The big waves arrive in the winter, and during the summer, the water is mostly calm, giving a great place to play in the water. Always exercise caution when entering the water, especially on the North Shore.

Spending a day on Oahu’s fabled North Shore is bound to be one of your favorite days during your vacation. There is so much going on, though this part of the island manages to retain is easy going way of life and laid back feel. You are going to love exploring this part of the island, and taking part in the North Shore Oahu activities that are offered here.

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