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How to Dive with Sharks in Hawaii

Everyone loves a good ‘How To’ guide, offering tips, tricks, and knowledge on getting things done. You can find a how to guide for nearly anything on the Internet, and we’re happy to add one more: How to Dive with Sharks in Hawaii.

Yes, this is as crazy as it sounds. And no, we aren't crazy - just adventurous.

Here’s how to do it. It’s easy, fun, affordable, and a great activity for the entire family.

On the North Shore of Oahu, a variety of reef sharks gather, looking for scraps falling from fishing boats. Sharks follow the scent in near the shore, hoping for an easy meal. This is where we meet them.

Take off from Haleiwa Harbor, and head out about 3 miles offshore. There, anchored to a nearby buoy, is a state of the art shark cage, and swarming sharks. The boat pulls up to the cage and anchors the cage to the side, and it's time to jump. Sure, the sharks are visible from the dock, but to get an up close view of these predators; you’ll want to jump in. The cage is all the protection that you’ll need and the heart racing experience of staring a shark in the face is an amazing experience.

Though there is absolutely nothing to worry about, some do choose to stay on board the boat, and that is perfectly fine. It's still quite intimidating seeing the sharks circling below, and those that prefer to do so are more than welcome to stay dry. You will still have fun, we promise.

The species of sharks that are typically encountered are moderate size reef sharks that pose little to no threat to humans. These sharks tend to keep to themselves and avoid contact with people, and still play a vital role to the ocean’s ecosystem.

Completing this “How To” guide is quite easy, and a lot of fun. Join us for a fun filled day and an adventure you’ll never forget. There is nothing quite like diving with sharks, and this is an adventure you’ll be sharing for years.

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