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Hawaii Shark Cage Adventures: Scary or Not?

There may not be anything more intimidating or terrifying than a shark in the open ocean. After all, this is their domain, their house, their ocean, and we are just a guest, swimming, snorkeling, or surfing. And the truth is, shark attacks are rare, and typically occur close to shore. Sharks are very misunderstood creatures, and in reality, we don’t know that much about them and don't have a great understanding on their behaviors.

One of the most thrilling experiences on Oahu’s North Shore is a Shark Cage Diving Adventure. On this fun tour, you’ll head out about 3 miles offshore to jump into the ocean and stare a real life shark right in the eyes. And there is usually more than one shark, circling the cage with intrigue, trying to determine what it is that is floating on the surface.

Most will see this adventure and instantly think that it is way too scary to try. And it’s really not hard to blame them. Sharks are ferocious, have sharp teeth, and have been known to assert aggression. And again, these are very misunderstood creatures, so a level of understanding always has to be practiced.

So, is a Shark Cage Diving Adventure really scary? At first glance, the answer is probably yes. But as the details of the adventure emerge, it may not be as scary as one would think. The boat is very safe, and features plenty of room for everyone to sit. The captain and the crew are very experienced and know these waters as well as anyone. Once in the water, the shark cage provides all of the protection that you’ll need. It is a state of the art cage, built to withstand anything attempting to enter, and contain anything that is within the cage. It anchors to the boat, and the widest openings are covered in thick Plexiglas, ensuring that nothing will enter.

To further add to the safety, the species of sharks that are typically encountered are not threatening to people, as these are smaller reef sharks. Granted, they can grow into the 10-12 foot range, and still have all of the shark features (sharp teeth, big mouth, black eyes), but they are looking for fish that have fallen off of fishing boats, not people in a cage.

Truthfully, this adventure has been a featured event on the North Shore for many years, and there has never been a bite or injury. The heart pounding adventure is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and those that join the adventure are always happy with the thrills. And if you’re really scared, you can always stay on the boat, and view the sharks from the deck.

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