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Oahu Activities and Adventures for Your Trip

Every trip to Oahu deserves a little excitement and adventure, getting visitors of their comfort zones while living a little closer to the edge. Though Oahu is most well known for historic sites, fun luaus, and incredible sightseeing, it is also a place for adventure and thrilling activities, all taking place in the great outdoors. There are so many great activities for the adventurous, all you have to do is a little research to figure out what you want to do, and head out once you arrive.

Some of the best activities in Hawaii are found right here on Oahu, all sure to make your heart race a little and give you a bit of adventure during your trip to paradise.

Oahu activities and adventures for your trip:
North Shore Skydiving – though skydiving is a popular adventure around the world, the scenery that Oahu offers might just be the best you will ever see. There is no better way to take in the island than on your descent from 10,000 feet, gliding back to Earth with views of the North Shore that stretches from Kaena Point to Waimea Bay, and to the deep valleys of the island’s interior.

North Shore Shark Cage Diving- what is more daring than swimming with sharks? On this adventure, you’ll head out to the middle of the ocean to a state of the art shark cage, your only protection from the most ferocious predator in the ocean. Even just the site of a shark will make your heart pound in your chest, and once you are in the water with sharks, you’ll be up close with a variety of sharks.

Hiking and Nature Adventures – when you have a lush, dense rainforest and towering mountains conveniently located near you, you take advantage! The mountains of Oahu are a hidden oasis, with hidden features scattered throughout, just waiting to be discovered. Hidden waterfalls, sweeping panoramic views, endless trails, and so much more are found on hikes and nature adventures all around the island, and once you’ve set out on one hike, you’ll be hooked.

Coral Crater Adventure Park – the name says it all and if you are looking for a unique experience, this is it. Head out to Oahu’s west coast where an adventure park features a number of fun activities and adventures to fill an entire day. Zip line, off-road racing, a climbing tower, and non-stop fun are all on the agenda while visiting Coral Crater, a perfect place for the entire family to let loose.

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