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Fun Ocean Activities on Oahu

As you can probably guess, the ocean is the biggest draw for fun activities in Hawaii. On a hot day, locals and visitors head to the beach to enjoy some fun in the sun, and cool off in the ocean. It’s hard to resist a beautiful day in paradise, and the ocean will call your name as soon as you arrive. Just the site of the blue ocean is enough to make you run to the beach, and once you step foot on the sand you’ll be in search of fun ocean activities. On Oahu, there is plenty to do, and fun for all ages.

Many choose to book organized activities for their trip, giving the guarantee that there will be something to do during a trip, and taking the guess work out of planning. Snorkeling, stand-up paddle, surf lessons, and even parasailing are available, and great for most ages. Activities depart daily, and these are the best options for fun in the sun.

There are so many options for fun ocean activities on Oahu, and with all of the options available, you might be looking for something that is a little different, and even features some adventures. One of the best activities you can choose is swimming with sharks, taking place off the coast of Oahu’s North Shore, and an adventure that you are sure to remember.

This may seem like an activity that involves a level of danger, swimming with sharks is perfectly safe, and the risk involved is actually very low. Plus, you have the chance to stare sharks right in their eyes, in their natural habitat, while visiting Hawaii. What could be better?

You might be wondering just how we are able to swim with sharks, and how do we know where the sharks will be? The answer is pretty simple, and has taken a few years of study and research to figure out. Sharks follow in the scent of fishing boats, heading back to Haleiwa Harbor following a morning at sea. They’ve become so accustomed to the boats hauling in their fish that they’ve congregated in the same region, looking for a scrap that has fallen overboard. We’re simply meeting them in the place that they are known to gather, and jumping into the water with them.

Once the boat arrives at its destination, there is a shark cage waiting, providing the viewing location for your time in the water. Sharks circle the cage, and are curious to check you out, giving you the best view you can imagine of the most feared predator in the ocean. Even looking over the edge of the boat as the sharks swim below will get your hear racing, and once you’ve entered the water, the adventure really begins.

With so many fun ocean activities on Oahu, you may not know where to start. Swimming with sharks on Oahu’s North Shore is going to be the trill of a lifetime and we're sure you're going to have the time of your life while on this great adventure.

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