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Fun Activities on Oahu’s North Shore

Most visitors to Oahu stay along Waikiki Beach, venture out a bit to downtown Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, or take a day to sightsee around the island, returning to where they started and not getting to really experience everything that the island has to offer. And while this is fine, and will still give a great vacation experience, it doesn’t allow the opportunity to experience the best places on the island.

Oahu’s North Shore is always a great retreat, a chance to escape the busy city streets of Waikiki, and one of the true treasures of the island. The drive up north shows off the island’s diversity, moving from the city to the country in a matter of minutes; traveling through pineapple fields and lush rainforests, before finally coming upon the charming North Shore, where quaint towns and the most famous beaches are found. There are so many fun activities on Oahu’s North Shore, and true to Hawaiian fashion, the fun takes place in the water.

Of the things to do on Oahu’s North Shore, surfing is king, and when the swells are up, you can guarantee that the surfers in the world are in the water, looking to ride the most famous breaks in Hawaii. Some of the top surf competitions take place on the North Shore, and while you won’t be ready to ride the giant waves just yet, you can take a surf lesson on the North Shore, offered by locals who are experts in the sport and know these breaks.

There are plenty of fun activities to take part in on the North Shore, including Scuba Diving and snorkeling, Stand-up Paddleboarding, and sailing. Each activity gives its own unique experience on the island and shows off just how incredible Hawaii is.

However, of all the North Shore Oahu activities to try, diving with sharks has to be at the top of the list. This is one of the top activities you will find, and an experience that you will never forget. Sharks gather about 3 miles offshore, following in fishing boats that have spent the morning at sea, waiting for a scrap to fall overboard. Travel out to the destination, where a state of the art shark cage is all that separates you from the circling sharks, and get up close with the most feared predator in the ocean. This experience is a thrilling adventure, and one of the most fun activities on the North Shore.

The North Shore of Oahu is a very special place, and any trip to the island has to include some time here. Aside from fun activities, there are delicious food trucks, refreshing shave ice, great scenery, and the low-key way of life that Hawaii is famous for. There is nothing quite like a day on Oahu’s North Shore.

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