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Hawaii Shark Tours – Frequently Asked Questions

Simply hearing the word “SHARK” is enough to set off panic and fear, especially when you’re around the ocean. In Hawaii, shark sightings are common and happen on every island, at every beach, and warrant taking the day off from the ocean to enjoy another great day in Hawaii. It’s not that run ins with sharks happen all the time, but in the case of a shark sighting, better safe than sorry, right?

Sharks are highly misunderstood, and marine scientists don't really know a whole lot about them. They are very mysterious, and unpredictable, making fully understanding them a tough task. Hawaii Shark Tours are fast becoming one of the top things to do in Hawaii, and an activity that you will not want to miss.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers you will want to know before joining the tour:

Q: How long are we in the water?
A: Due to the size of groups that head out, there are typically shifts in the water, with one group of thrill seekers entering, followed by the second group. Time in the water depends on the size of the group, but is usually 10-15 minutes. Consider that you are out in the middle of the ocean, battling currents and it’s cold. This is plenty of time.

Q: How far offshore does the tour travel?
A: The boat takes off from Oahu’s North Shore and heads out approximately 2.5 miles to the cage that is anchored in the water.

Q: Can the sharks get to me?
A: No, the sharks are not able to get to you. The state of the art shark cage has an opening that wraps around the cage, is far too small for the sharks to fit into.

Q: Do the boats chum the water?
A: Though this is practiced in some place, the Captain and Crew do not take part in this practice. The sharks make their way in closer to the shore naturally following the scent and spill off from fishing boats that are based out of the harbor. The tour is simply meeting the sharks in the area where they are known to hang out.

Q: Will we see a Great White Shark?
A: On any normal day, the answer to this is no. Great White Sharks are known to visit the islands, but sightings are very uncommon. That is not to say that is hasn’t happened, but it isn’t likely to take place. The occasional Tiger Shark is spotted, though that is also not a frequent occurrence.

Q: Will I get seasick?
A: We really hope not, but seasickness does happen, and definitely isn’t fun. We suggest taking some Dramamine or another motion sickness medication prior to the tour. Remember, take the first dose approximately 24 hours prior to the tour, and follow the instructions on the package for additional dosage. This allows the medication to get into your system, and will be the most effective.

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