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4 Things to Do on Oahu’s North Shore

All along Oahu’s fabled North Shore, the laid back lifestyle rules, and the classic look and feel of Hawaii surrounds you. From the famous beaches to the incredible food, and everything in between, the North Shore offers visitors a place to visit and an escape from the busy city of Honolulu. Some of the island’s most recognized sites and attractions reside on this stretch of the island, and getting to these places is easier than you think.

Oahu’s North Shore features so many things to do, and one visit to this part of the island will make your perception of Oahu change drastically. Surf beaches draw the sports best to its shores each year, and fun activities can be found all over. If you are looking for things to do on Oahu’s North Shore, consider these great options.

Surf Lessons
You really can’t visit Hawaii without trying to surf. Even if you don't win a surf competition on your first time out, you’ll still have a ton of fun, and there’s a high chance that you’ll be hooked. Take a surf lesson from a local expert near Haleiwa, learning in the same places where local legends learned.

North Shore Shark Encounters
What could be more terrifying than diving with sharks? The real answer is probably nothing, but let’s go anyway! Departing from Haleiwa Harbor, head out about 3 miles offshore where sharks are known to gather, looking for a meal. A state of the art shark cage is all that protects you from the most feared predator in the ocean, and this heart racing adventure will easily be a highlight from your trip.

If the idea of jumping into the ocean with sharks doesn't scare you, maybe jumping out of a plane will. The scenery during a skydive on Oahu really can’t be beat, and you’ll have plenty of time to take in the views while gliding back to Earth.

Visiting the Famous Surf Beaches
Perhaps the biggest draw of the North Shore is the world famous surf beaches that line this part of the island. During the winter months, surf swells hit north facing shores of Hawaii, creating conditions that have made the islands famous for the sport. A drive along the North Shore takes you from Haleiwa to La’ie, passing the best surf breaks in the world at Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline, and Waimea Bay. If the surf is up, the size of the waves will blow you away.

Visitors and locals love Oahu’s North Shore for its charm and simple way of life. All along the shore are great sites, great food, and great options for activities and fun. Make sure a visit to the North Shore is a part of your trip to Oahu.

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