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5 Ocean Activities on Oahu

The ocean is the place for fun adventures and activities in Hawaii, and all over the island, fun things are taking place at just about every second of the day. Hawaii offers so many great activities, and on the island of Oahu, the largest selection of activities is available and sure to meet the desires of everyone that visits the island.

You can do just about anything, so where are our musts for ocean activities on Oahu, all available during your visit, and each offering its own unique experience.

Scuba Diving
There are so many great dive sites around Hawaii, and off the coast of Oahu, there are some of the best. The North Shore offers a look at the tropical marine life that resides near the island’s shores, and off the South Shore is the wreckage of a downed World War II plane that has transformed into an underwater world. Divers flock to Hawaiian waters for Scuba, and even if you’ve never been Scuba Diving before, you can head out for your first dive.

One of the more popular ocean activities, Snorkeling around Hawaii is incredible, and you’ll see so much. Whether entering the water from a boat, or at from the shore at Hanauma Bay, you’ll love a snorkeling experience during your visit.

Shark Cage Dive
Looking for an activity that will get your heart racing? Well, this is it. Head out from the North Shore of the island and jump into a state of the art shark cage that is stationed in the middle of nowhere, with sharks swarming the area. There is nothing quite like staring into the face of a 10 foot shark, with only a cage separating you from them. Easily one of the most adventurous experiences you can have in Hawaii.

Get unmatched views of Oahu and the surrounding ocean while tethered to a speedboat. From way up high, you’ll see the coastline of Oahu and the hotels of Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, and maybe even some marine life that is hanging out in the area.

The national pastime of Hawaii, the islands are credited with creating the popular sport and the waves of Waikiki is where many local pros have mastered their craft. Surf lessons are available on the shores of Waikiki Beach or on the North Shore. There may not be a more Hawaiian ocean activity than surfing.

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