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Finding What To Do in Hawaii

The age-old question when traveling is what is there to do when you arrive at your destination. There are so many unknowns that finding the right options and things to do can be a challenge. Luckily, we live in the age of the Internet and can find the answers rather quickly, complete with all of the information that you can possibly need.

Something that more than answers the question, and checks off a couple of different bucket list items is diving with sharks. This is one of the most thrilling adventures you will find, and in addition to being something to do, is downright fun and thrilling. It’s not everyday that you get to jump into the ocean and stare into the eyes of the ocean’s top predator, so take full advantage while you are visiting Hawaii.

The adventure heads out about 3 miles off of the North Shores coast, arriving to a destination that is a known gathering place for a variety of shark species, looking for a scrap of food that has fallen overboard from the fishing boats hauling in the days catch. These sharks are native to the islands, and come in different sizes, though there presence is intimidating, no matter how big or small.

You’re in good hands with the Captain and Crew, experts in Hawaiian marine life and the waters of Hawaii. During the trip out, you’ll have an opportunity to learn about the sharks and the ocean, and understand the importance of sharks to the health of the oceans. Arriving to the destination, you might instantly spot sharks circling below, and find the state of the art shark cage that will be your viewing area. Once you dive in, the adventure really starts, and the heart pounding time in the water is filled with close up views of different sharks.

Many different shark species circle the cage with curiosity, looking to see what it is that has entered their domain. These predators strike fear into anyone, but this tour is perfectly safe and there is no risk when you are in the cage. The state of the art shark cage is built to keep you in, and the sharks out, providing all the safety that you need to watch these incredible creatures in action.

Diving with sharks more than answers the question: “What To Do in Hawaii”. Head back home with a story that you will never forget and the opportunity to get up close with the ocean’s most terrifying predator. Diving with sharks in Hawaii is a must, and sure to be one of the best things that you do in Hawaii.

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