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Frequently Asked Questions for Your Hawaii Shark Cage Adventure

We all love to look at the ocean and enjoy the peaceful waves move against the horizon. The beauty of the ocean is remarkable and all throughout your visit, you will find amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps the thing about the ocean that we love the most is the fun activities that take place in the water, with fun options that will fill your time in Hawaii. One of the most fun activities that takes place in the ocean is diving with sharks, a downright daring adventure that puts you up close with a variety of shark species.

Sharks are greatly misunderstood, and though scientists have learned quite a bit about them over the years, there is still much to uncover. As a species, they are very mysterious, unpredictable, and intimidating, and while they are best witnessed from a distance, from a boat, or on TV, when you have the chance to get into the water with the ocean’s most ferocious predator, you take it!

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers you will want to know before joining the tour:

Q: Do we stay in the water for a long time?
A: No matter where you are, when you are in the ocean for an extended period of time, the human body will see its core temperature drop quickly. Add in the ocean’s currents and natural movements, and you will begin to tire. For these reasons, and others, the total time spent in the water is approximately 10-15 minutes.

Q: How far offshore does the tour travel?
A: To reach the dive site, the boat takes about a 25 minute ride out to sea, leaving the island far behind. Though the dive takes place about 3 miles from land, you feel as if you are all alone in the middle of the sea.

Q: Are the sharks able to get to divers?
A: This one gets a big NO! Safety is the #1 concern on this adventure, and thanks to a custom shark cage, you are fully protected from the sides of the cage and the bottom. The top of the cage is open, though it extends above the surface of the ocean, hooks onto the boat, and would take an incredibly lucky leap for the sharks to get in through the top. There is a large opening that extends around the entire cage, though it is covered with durable Plexiglas and is impenetrable by the sharks.  

Q: How large are the sharks?
A: There are a variety of species that are typically encountered on a shark cage dive, and the size depends on the type of shark. Most commonly, we see small reef sharks that range in size from 6-12 feet, with a majority coming in around 10 feet or so.

Q: Will I get seasick?
A: Seasickness does happen, though there are precautions you can take. First, take motion sickness medicine like Dramamine, and follow the dosage properly. There is no guarantee, but this will help. Seasickness happens to the best of us, so don’t worry it you start to feel queasy.

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