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Essential Oahu Activities for Your Vacation

What are you most looking forward to doing during your upcoming vacation to Oahu? The island features a plethora of great things to do, exciting tours, fun activities, and more fun than you will be able to handle. There is a reason that Oahu is one of the most visited destinations in the world, and though the beauty of the island and the year round perfect weather has a lot to do with it, it’s the fun tours and activities that helps to set the island apart. These are the essential Oahu activities for your vacation, each one of the top choices for visitors from around the world, and each playing an important role in having the best experience possible.

Circle Island Sightseeing Tour
Without question, this is the best way to see the entire island. You’ll head out and start seeing the sites, starting with the transition from the busy city to the lush country, continuing around the island, and eventually seeing all of the top sites on Oahu. Features sites include the North Shore, Dole Pineapple Plantation, Oahu’s South Shore, scenic lookout points, hidden beaches, and parts of the island that many do not get to see. Take your Circle Island Tour at the beginning of your vacation and return to your favorite sites later on in your trip.

Pearl Harbor Tours
Easily Oahu’s most visited destination, Pearl Harbor tells quite the story, and you won’t want to miss any of it. There are many memorials, exhibits, and displays located at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, plus the 4 main museums located around the harbor. Spend a day at Pearl Harbor and learn the entire history of the area, the events that led to the United States entry into World War II, plus visit the exhibits that were featured throughout the war, including the USS Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin Submarine, USS Missouri, and the Pacific Aviation Museum.

Ocean Adventures
Of course, the ocean is a big part of the reason that you are traveling to Oahu, so you want to do some fun activities in the ocean. You can choose to spend time on the beach, enjoying the scenery and just relaxing. Or you can join some of the fun Oahu activities like surf lessons, snorkeling, stand up paddle, scuba diving, or even diving with sharks on Oahu’s North Shore. From low key to extreme, Oahu has it all, and when it comes to ocean adventures, there are many Oahu activities to choose from.

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