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Diving with Sharks in Hawaii – An Experience You will Never Forget

There is so much to be said for incredible experiences, and amazing activities. The memories that they create keep moments in time fresh in your mind, and help to preserve the happiness of the past. Many visitors that travel to Hawaii are looking for those moments, and are in search of the great things to do that will keep the memories of Hawaii fresh in the mind for years to come. With so many great things going on throughout Hawaii, finding the activities that create memories can be a challenge, only because there is so much to do, and selecting the right options is tough.

One activity that is sure to create amazing memories is a dive with sharks in Hawaii. Not only is this tour really fun, it is a thrilling adventure that is only available in select places around the world. The Caribbean has a dive with sharks, though this is done in shallow waters, and the sharks are smaller species, known to be more docile, and are intimidated by people. While visiting Oahu, an experience that you will never forget is diving with sharks on the island’s North Shore.

Heading out off the North Shore from Haleiwa Harbor, the ocean gets a little choppy, and the island disappears. As the water gets significantly deeper, an eerie sense that the security of land is gone washes over you, and you realize that you are now in the middle of the ocean, with only the boat offering protection from the deep. Soon, you’ll arrive to your destination, a state of the art shark cage that is waiting about 3 miles from the shore. The cage docks to the boat, and if you peer over the edge, you’ll catch a glimpse of the sharks, circling below, waiting for you to enter the water.

There is nothing that gets your heart pounding like the sight of a shark, and as soon as you enter the water, you’ll be face to face with the most feared predator in the ocean. These are not small sharks, though they are also not the largest, and still very intimidating. You’ll be inches away, protected only by the steel cage, and will never have the chance to see into their eyes or stare at their teeth again. This is truly an experience you will never forget.

Create the best memories of your trip to Hawaii with incredible activities and fun things to do. Diving with sharks is one of the most thrilling adventures you will ever take, and an experience that you do not want to miss.

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